Alfred Beaujean (Stereoplay 5/04, on Beethoven Op.9 string trio recording)
"... übertrifft Einspielung des Trios Mutter-Giuranna-Rostropovich"
"...surpasses the trio recording by Mutter, Giuranna and Rostropovich"

Laurence Vittes (Strings Magazine 1/05, on Beethoven Op.9 string trio recording)
"...commitment to explore rarely heard dimensions of the music's power and reach"

"...Virtuosität, Ausdrucksfähigkeit, Exaktheit, Temperament, Geistesgegenwart, knackige Klanglichkeit"
"...virtuosity, expression, precision, temper, musical awareness, percussive tonality"
Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung

"...virtuosity tempered by audacity, warmth and humanity-in each instance penetrating to the heart and intellectual essence of the music"
The Strad Magazine

"...These musicians are clearly on a mission...success is sure to them"
The New York Times

"...très haut niveau de technique, de musicalité et d'inspiration collective...créent l'illusion d'un nouvel instrument"
"...very high level of skill, musicality and inspiration of ensemble...creating the illusion of ONE new instrument"
La Presse, Montréal

"Reifes Ensemblespiel, fantastisches Mozart Divertimento KV563"
"mature ensemble playing, fantastic Mozart Divertimento KV563"
Musikzeitschrift "Ongaku No Tomo" Tokyo

"Sprühende und strahlende Klangfarben"
"radiant and spritzing colours of sound"
Westdeutsche Zeitung

"The three musicians triumphed because their passion for music was so irresistible"
Houston Chronicle

"first-rate technical skills & exceptional performance"
The Strad Magazine

"Kammermusik der allerfeinsten Sorte, in bester Qualität und mit hohem Anspruch"
"chambermusic of the very finest kind, highest quality and commitment"
Rheinische Post

"Schwerelose Schönheit"
"weightless beauty"
Badische Zeitung

"music-making full of charm, energy, and individuality"
Dallas Morning News

"Their playing had authority as well heat...the concert became a triumph"
Los Angeles Times